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Let the star shine.


I love fall. Corn mazes, pumpkin throwing contests, naked leaf peeping, it’s just such a special time of year. Right now Gilles is playing escargot in the parterre garden, and my God, only the French could come up with this game. It’s like hopscotch went to Burning Man and told the world to go screw itself.

Let’s cut right to the chase. I have American friends, and I’m not sure why, but that’s beside the point. We need to discuss restraint. One Krispy Kreme is enough. Don’t shop at Costco. A couch that can comfortably hold twenty-five people is TOO MUCH COUCH. And, hey, Restoration Hardware. Stop trying to get people to put the Eiffel Tower in their foyer.

Mes bijoux, here is the first decor lesson from yours truly. Find something you love. It could be that fauteuil you covered in feathers after too many kir royales or that terrible mix-tape coffee table your ex-boyfriend worked so hard on. Just make it the star of the show. Throw in a few adoring fans. But not cougars. Remember. Restraint.

This delicious day bed found me while meandering Saint Ouen. I threw an ochre coverlet on it, one picture behind, et voila. Star of the show. You’re welcome, loves.

xxx, M.


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