Musical votives.

Musical votives.


Everybody loves flowers. Nobody loves flowers in a cellophane sleeve or an oversized martini glass. Put some effort into it, the same way you throw on Spanx and wax whatever needs waxing.

Here’s something that even a six-year-old can do. I know, because I locked Manon in her room for three hours to make these. Gather together several votive holders or shot glasses if you’re a cheapskate. Tie little bundles of your favorite flowers. A simple rubber band works really well and they won’t see it, so don’t worry that you’ll be judged for not using twine. Personally, I like to use flowers in all one color because the textures and tones really stand out in a monochromatic arrangement. Plus, they can fit into any decor. A bunch of rainbow roses can be tempting, and if your friend is into Candyland and acid trips, then go for it. Otherwise stick to something simple.

This is the fun part. Find some Beethoven that you are never going to get around to playing, or some old, irrelevant book like the Bible. Rip it into little strips and wrap it around your miniature vases. Don’t make the wrapping too perfect. Maybe tear the edges a bit. You want it to look like you threw this together in five minutes even though it took you seven hours. Tie it all together with a thin, grosgrain ribbon, et voila.


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