Twinkle twinkle.

Twinkle twinkle.


Let’s talk about setting a mood, loves. Proper music, attire and decor is just as important as the food you serve your guests. Last week, I threw a little soiree for a dear friend who is quite famous and amazingly accomplished, but shall remain nameless because celebrities hate it when you name drop. Especially on your blog. Just ask my former friend Jonathan Adler.

Since the weather is about to turn very cold, I wanted to have one last bash out in the formal hedge maze, which is my favorite spot to throw a party when guests aren’t acquainted with one another. Wandering aimlessly at dusk amid towers of cypress trees really bonds people, and by the time dinner is served, everyone is friends and you don’t even need place cards.

Anyway, usually, you reach this delightful spot by walking through the hydrangea allee, but for this party, I wanted people to step through Pepito’s studio, admire and purchase some art, before heading along for cocktails. I strung simple, twinkling lights at the entrance, which is an absolutely delightful way to enter any space. Josephine Baker was playing in the background and I asked guests to wear feathered headpieces and top hats. That’s what you call setting the mood. Here’s to a fabulous evening.


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