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If you want to serve the perfect cocktail, you need the perfect ice cube. There is a hierarchy when it comes to beverage coolants, and didn’t you know that? Someday you’ll thank me for this bit of knowledge.

At the bottom is the bagged stuff you grab from the gas station thirty minutes before the party. It harbors more bacteria than toilet water, and everyone’s drink will be a slushy mess in under three minutes. The little round ice doughnuts are next in line, but they give off a trashy, amusement park vibe and lend themselves to cunnilingus jokes, which is no good, unless you’re throwing a party for sixty high school wrestlers. Stay away, loves.

What you want is the noble CUBE. He melts perfectly, and his six-sided, frozen glory is the Tyler Durden of ice. When my spring entertaining calendar starts heating up, I grab the largest ice cube tray I can find and start freezing. Because I excel at everything, I drop in beautiful flowers and make myself the envy of all French hostesses. Wild roses are stunning in a pitcher of sangria and nasturtiums make the Old Fashioned look positively radiant. It’s easy and SO worth the effort. Here’s the breakdown:

Meander your grounds and gather bundles of edible flowers – orchids, pansies, violets are all great choices. Fill an ice cube tray halfway with water and then toss in a couple, face down. Freeze. Add water up to the top and freeze again. In order to avoid any distracting bubbles, use distilled water that’s been boiled and then cooled. Voila, crystal clear cubes of perfection. You’re welcome, loves.

  1. Linda said...

    Why bother with alcohol with cubes this lovely?

    March 25, 2014 at 8:46 am