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Obviously I line-dry my laundry. It takes 10-12 hours, which gives me time to flower-arrange, plus they don’t need to be ironed and smell like sunshine. The 17th century still has things to teach us. Let’s all move back there.

I was out in the parterre garden this morning, hanging my negligees, and realized I don’t have a grand canal, which obviously needs to be fixed. Every French girl needs a canal, within which to wade barefoot and read Madame Bovary while sipping a glass of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, so YES, Pepito, we’re building one.

I don’t know how “grand” it should be though. I’m a humble girl at heart. I mean, I’m not talking Venice scale, obviously. That would make my château look like it’s trying too hard. Must show some restraint. Perhaps, just a small estuary behind the bowling green? Wait I don’t have a bowling green. I should probably have one. Duly noted. Off to lounge.



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