The throw.

The throw.


Good afternoon, loves! It’s a crisp Fall afternoon at le Château and Gilles is wrapped in a sweater, kneading dough for tonight’s dinner. I’m wrapped up in Pepito, sharing body heat.

Let’s talk about throws. Not blankets, throws. You line a cat bed with blankets. A throw is for lounging, and if there’s one thing I know, it’s lounging.  The throw can instantly transform the look of a couch or chair, and let’s face it, reupholstery is expensive. Sometimes a girl just has to slap on some lipstick and toss a throw over that thing.

I LOVE these alpaca throws that we just got in at Les Deux Rousses. They fit effortlessly into any decor. Deco, industrial chic, Egyptian, if you’re into that sort of thing. Drape one over the back of a couch, or hang a few on the wall.

Along with being an instant room refresher throws are really budget-friendly. A wing chair is gorgeous on its own, but make it really shine by draping a couple of colorful throws across the back and threading them through the seat cushion. Easy graphic statement. And cheap-chic, loves!


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