Make the bed.

Make the bed.


Your bedroom is your escape. A hidden oasis away from the over-medicated, under-educated selfie world. As such, there are several things that should never, ever enter this most sacred of sanctuaries.

Fake flowers
Wall stencils
Trashy magazines unless they’re hidden
Used kleenex
Buddahs from CB2
Late night cheese popcorn stains

One thing that does belong in a bedroom are gorgeous linens. But it shouldn’t take you twenty-five minutes to navigate getting into bed, so five pillows is enough. If you have a king-sized bed and feel you need more, you DON’T, and take that thing back to America. They should always be filled with real down. Laying your head on a polyester-filled flotation device is a tragedy.

I spied these gorgeous pillows and ruffled linens at D. Porthault. Chocolate and violet is such a beautiful color combination in the bedroom. It’s like wrapping you and your mystery lover up in red velvet hot cocoa. One thing you shouldn’t do is dress the bed too perfectly because that makes your date nervous and he’ll wonder where you stashed the dead body. It should feel a bit disheveled, like you actually slept in it, then leisurely threw back the covers to step out on the balcony and smoke a Gitanes. Of course, those flowers are staged. And Manon doesn’t own twelve pairs of point shoes, but they complete the scene. Lovely, non?

  1. Can we please stop the pillow insanity?

    November 26, 2013 at 5:05 pm